Big Data for People

Human-Computer Interaction Researcher
Manager, Human Interfaces Group
Mission Operations
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Main research findings

Space Science with Virtual Reality

Scientists ability to understand alien environments depends on the richness of their point of view. Total immersion helps them do science better.

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Visualizing Uncertainty

In mission operations, we don't have perfect visibility into a remote environment, and robots don't do exactly as commanded. Representing that uncertainty helps robots cover more ground with less risk.

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Moving from Data to Discovery

Interaction and visualization opens up new ways for scientists to interrogate data.

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What is Visualization?

More than any tool or technique, visualization is a way of thinking. It is not a different kind of research, or a service to research, but a different entry point to research. This keynote address, opens the "From Data to Discovery" Conference at Caltech.

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Rss Most Cited Publications

UbiComp 2006
122 cites
Principles of smart home control
ppt | pdf
UbiComp 2007
Best Presentation Nominee
58 cites
Rapidly exploring application design through Speed Dating
ppt | pdf
D&E 2006
Best Paper Winner
14 cites
Smart homes, families and control
ppt | pdf
CHI 2010
13 cites
How routine learners can support family coordination
ppt | pdf

Rss Recent Publications

APS DFD 2013
Deconstructing wall turbulence - visualization of resolvent modes
CSER 2013
Introduction to InfoVis Techniques for Model-Based Systems Engineering
IEEE Pervasive
Ubicomp 2012

Talks and Travel

07 Dec 13
CHI Program Committee
04 Oct 13
14 Aug 13
NASA Deep Space Network Array
23 May 13
Caltech Big Data Symposium
07 Apr 13
NASA Deep Space Network Array
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