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Nurturing families by augmenting life control

Davidoff, S., Lee, M.K., Zimmerman, J. & Dey, A.K. (2006) Nurturing families by augmenting life control. In Proceedings of Ubicomp 2006 Workshop on Nurturing Technologies in the Domestic Environment. | Bibtex | Endnote
Much smart home research has produced work that chooses to enhance the home experience by providing more control over domestic devices. Our work with dual-income families suggests that more than devices, families want more control over their lives. We argue that a smart home might help provide that assistance to families in two ways: (1) by helping families navigate the complex network of activities in which they participate; and (2) by providing families more emotional satisfaction from the things they value – their time, their relationships, and their identity. In this position paper, we discuss these two service alternatives, and describe how life control provides a pathway to a nurturing home environment.
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